fiery-rabbit said: the Metro pictures look very cool indeed!

whipflashtones said: I’m not familiar with the Metro games, but the pics you’ve posted look impressive.

I LOVE METRO ;_; The story is great, the atmosphere is great, the new redux versions look fantastic and run like a dream. They’re also the only first-person games I can play without getting brutal headaches or motion sickness. It’s like a post-apocalyptic communist miracle.

Nevermind that I’ve spent the past 3 hours trying and failing to run past these mutant dragons. At least I get a good video of Moscow while dying!

Hai followers!

Hello etc and hope everyone is well! 

Now that I’m free of ongoing projects, I’ve done a bit of blog maintenance. The tags page has been revived and now lists all of four tags (which were the only ones with more than 15 posts. I am EXCELLENT at blogging.) Now you can comfortably catch up on stuff without having to go through the archives first. What a step up.

TS4 lurks around a corner, but I will not be getting it right away. I do want to try it eventually, and may post about it when that time comes. Even then, and probably forever, I’ll still be playing and posting TS3! All posts will continue to be accordingly tagged and tbh my posts are so sparse anyway that you don’t even need to purposefully avoid them. So if either game is not your cup of tea, then you should still be a-ok.

No matter which game you’re playing, have a blast with it! I’ll be keeping up with all you guys get up to.

(For something that isn’t TS4 or TS3, I am currently posting the very amazing Metro games over at my gaming blog and chaos-ridden Let’s Not Play videos on youtube. I’m a modern woman who’s doing it all, guys.)

Have a great week and enjoy your old games and your new games and also pet some puppies!

That’s all from us. See you on series 2!
The Great Simlish Bake-Off tag.

That’s all from us. See you on series 2!

The Great Simlish Bake-Off tag.

Mini Strange is star baker and winner of this Simlish Bake-Off!

Disclaimer: These results may or may not have been swayed by the fact that Marie refused to touch the eggs, Vronk attacked the set and Agnes ate everything before the judges could.

There is no justice in cakes.

The real winners in this Bake-Off are Agnes’ thighs.

"Don’t you think this pie is to die for?”

Vronk will stop at nothing to win this competition. Even his opponents’ decorative breadsticks aren’t safe.


After watching an episode of The Great Simlish Bake Off, Evie was inspired to bake some goodies of her own.

Evelyn: If only there was a way….

Sorry, Hamlet. We had to have some rules in this competition. 

Sorry, Hamlet. We had to have some rules in this competition. 

sims-in-a-box said: Yorick’s on the sauce.